APGLV Participant Joins in Protest!

APGLV Participant Joins in Protest

Some protesters went to the Fremont Street Experience on Monday evening willing to be arrested for their cause.

In an act of civil disobedience on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, activists blocked a street in downtown Las Vegas in protest of two controversial city policies that ban camping downtown when there are beds available and during street cleaning hours.

About 100 protesters first gathered at 4 p.m. at Las Vegas City Hall, 495 S. Main St., with tents and sleeping bags and then marched to Fremont Street.

Mayor Carolyn Goodman sponsored both bills, casting them as necessary to encourage people to seek resources and to ensure a sanitary community. She has urged the advocates to get involved with city efforts to help the homeless.

That is what one of our own participants at APGLV did. Caleb joined the people in protest downtown to help show support for those affected by the homeless camping ban.

If you are anyone you know needs help due to being homeless we have attached the link below to the homeless resource guide from Clark County’s website.


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